The real advantage of a Canadian pharmacy - quality of work with the consumer. Quality customer service ensures a range of activities, which we have introduced as standard in our network.
Ease of purchase. Network pharmacy locations in convenience sales among the best, we are located as close to the customer, more than 300 pharmacies located in supermarkets and grocery stores.
Expert in the field of health. Our pharmacies are always balanced range that meets the highest requirements of customers. We try to meet all the needs for medicines, in every drugstore (even in a small drugstore) can be ordered rare medicine and it will be brought for you.


Professionalism. Training center staff helps us to continually improve their skills and professionalism.
We create new standards for retail, introduce new technologies, we strive to meet the needs of all groups of consumers. Dynamic continuous development - the key idea at the core of Canadian pharmacies.
Aspirations for the future. Sound strategy development, innovations in marketing and retail, efficiency, modernity, dynamism and flexibility. All of this - our tools. Our goal - to be the best. We - a reliable partner. We are trusted because we say and do only what we believe in ourselves. We are responsible, honest, clear and consistent.
Canadian pharmacy offers to hospitals, medical centers, hospitals, as well as to all interested entities service dispensing of medicines and medical devices by wire transfer. Accommodation is made after the conclusion of the contract for delivery on a prepayment basis. Delivery of goods on the request of the client, picking kits, dressing sets and kits. Implemented on drugs provides a complete set of documents.
Applications for leave of goods by wire transfer should be sent to an email address. During the day you will contact manager with whom you can discuss all of the conditions of purchase.

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