For our regular customers - holders of discount cards accumulative loyalty program, which in addition to the right to receive discounts on products in our pharmacies allows customers to earn bonus points. Points can be redeemed for prizes and a nice addition to your purchases. Check the balance of accumulated points, learn the history of their accumulation and see the catalog of premium prizes and gifts can be in your account every registered user.
Our experts recommend to pay attention to drugs that we offer at the best price within the "Product of the day." It is always possible in a relaxed environment to choose the desired medication, and if necessary get advice as information about the interests of the preparation. Our company is a dynamic company, with its established traditions, foundations. We are very proud of the modern equipment and the equipment of their pharmacies. That to protect employees by providing good working conditions. To promote their work used the prize fund. Now, use the search box in the "pharmacy", you can check the availability of medicines in pharmacies as well as their cost. Search works in two modes - all pharmacies or you are interested only in the pharmacy. To search across all pharmacies simply enter your search term (name of drug) and click on "search for drugs."
In addition to a wide range of products and goods to support your health, we will work with experts to develop health pharmacy services to support health. To help you stay healthy and manage their health more effectively. We work with national partners in health care, so that we can provide the necessary support at the right time for you to succeed in dealing with various health problems.


We regularly update our list of pharmacy services, so please verify the possibility of obtaining a particular service in a particular pharmacy. To do this, go to the individual page of a specific pharmacy.
In our pharmacy for your convenience works retsepturno production department. In the state of our highly qualified pharmacists in the Canadain pharmacy technologists who are ready to make a doctor prescribe medication. You can get background information on the availability of necessary medication to you at the pharmacy, its value and quantity. Professional experts orient you not only for your search of necessary medication, but also tell you about special offers and programs operating in the pharmacy.

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